Threat Intelligence Feeds

Our high-precision threat intelligence feeds complement your existing security solutions. We cover the latest in phishing, scams and other malicious threats. Each feed has a unique value to offer and is extremely easy to integrate.

All feeds are are available in various formats like TXT, CSV, JSON, XML STIX and TAXII.

Confirmed Phishing Feed

Confirmed phish feeds consist of phishing URLs along with the brands they target. These feeds are generated by RedMarlin's A.I. powered scanning engine that consistently generates high quality and large volume threat data at high frequency.

Suspicous Host Feeds

Suspicious host feeds provide you visibility into bad actors at a broader, host level. RedMarlin's technology takes into account various signals and patterns to mark certain bad hosts that have had a history of malicious behavior.

Predictive Host Feeds

Predictive host feeds give you an early warning on newly active hosts that are not yet hosting malicious content but are likely to do that in near future. This helps you to arm yourself in advance with actionable intelligence.

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